Darlynn's Darlins Inc.

"The way we treat the others is the way we will ultimately treat each other." - Darlynn

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

                                WHAT WE DO

Darlynn's Darlins Inc., founded in March, 2001, is an All Volunteer, No Kill, Not For Profit Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Humane Education, and Animal Advocacy organization. It's purpose is to rescue, provide for, rehabilitate, and advocate for abandoned, neglected, abused, or displaced animals, and to educate the public by bringing an increased awareness to health and environmental issues that are directly impacted by our current belief system surrounding animal others. Please consider supporting this very important and beneficial work.



Beginning in 1994 in TN with the rescue of two dogs and a cat,  Darlynn & Clinton unwittingly began a very unexpected journey that continued in FL with the rescue of a young Aussie dog wandering a hospital construction site.  A few years later one baby potbellied pig  hiding under a storage shed behind a FL State Driver License office, would change their whole world as they knew it.  Darlynn captured the baby pig and brought her home to keep her safe until an appropriate place for her to live out her life could be found not realizing there were very few "safe" places for a pig. In 2001, Darlynn's Darlins Inc., a 501(c)3 No Kill Humane Organization, was born.


Since 2001, hundreds of animals have been rescued, rehabilitated, and enjoyed life at the Rescue Ranch.  Most of those are potbelly pigs marketed under designer names like micro, mini, or teacup pigs, which breeders tell you "will never weigh more than 30 pounds" in order to make the sale. Then they tell you how to stunt their growth and development by starving them. We also have many "wild pigs," and a number of former FFA farm pigs that didn't make show (slaughter) weight or the kids couldn't bear to send to slaughter having gotten to know them as the individuals they are. In addition to the 150+ pigs, we have a retired thoroughbred, a steer, dogs, cats, ducks and over 4 dozen chickens rescued from the shutdown of an illegal slaughter farm in Northwest Miami, FL, this past March. These are the "throw away pets" and "animal others as commodities" that our culture promotes. 

Most people think that all legit rescue organizations receive funding from some government entity. And some do. But they are generally kill shelters and animal controls. Most rescue organizations that provide for primarily potbellied pigs and other  farm animals, and who lack the name recognition of  Farm Sanctuary, The Humane Society, The ASPCA, or Best Friends, aren't funded by anyone. At all. Not a dime. Not city, county, or government. Recruiting consistent donors and reliable funding to provide lifetime care for animals considered "commodities" or "food" vs. "pets" or "exotics" has proved to be quite a challenge since any donation we do receive is necessarily used directly for the animals needs vs. marketing endeavors and as a result, we are always looking into a financial abyss and shuffling between a day job to raise the funds to care for them and then coming home after dark and caring for them. As a result, and because we are a No Kill Facility, we are always at capacity.

If you are reading this because you are looking for a safe place for your animal, please realize that it costs money to care for another animal. About $365 a year to care for a potbelly pig in good health. This work is time and money intensive. It costs real money and it is real work to care for living beings. Your pig will live 15+ years and after about 12, the arthritis and dental issues set in and vet expenses escalate. Because this is a no kill facility, each animal will receive the care s/he needs until the end of his life. We have never turned away an animal because the owner wouldn't pay for their lifetime care. Because of that policy, we are unable to take in additional animals so please do not contact us expecting us to "take" your animal because we are a rescue and sanctuary organization. The money to do it has to come from somewhere. 

As a sanctuary, we would love to be able to offer every animal at risk safe haven for their lifetime. Unfortunately, that is impossible and it is painful for us knowing an innocent will likely meet an unfortunate and/or early end because we don't have the resources to take him/her in and care for him/her for the next decade or more. We support hundreds of animals with the occasional $5-25 charitable contributions of animal lovers and strangers, with yard sales and bake sales, and with outside employment. So many people approach us with an attitude that they are doing us a favor by 'letting us' rescue their animal increasing our expenses and responsibility. "You're a rescue organization, aren't you?" Yes, we are and we are  unable to take on and provide for additional animals until such time as we can increase our funding and sponsorship. We hope you can understand and will consider supporting our mission. If you are someone who can't or refuses to do without a couple of sodas a week or a couple of trips to the fast food joint, or a couple of pizzas to save $7.02 a week to ensure the lifetime care and safety of your pet person, please don't call us. And if you do call us, remember that if you make that comittment, make it seriously. Things change and life happens but that animal's expenses will continue every day of every year until his life is over. We will require the first year of expenses up front with monthly payments starting immediately. And if your animal is still intact, we will require you to pay for spay/neuter and will extend to you the benefit of our veterinary services discount which is considerable. If you are local, depending on your situation, we might consider trading set volunteer hours in exchange for some of the cost of upkeep for your animal. 



In addition to providing and caring for so many animals, we believe there is a great need for some kind of balance in our notions  about animals and various cultural ideas about them which revolve exclusively around the purpose(s) they can be made to serve for we humans. We are taught from birth to disregard the intrinsic value and interests of non human life in deference to the mere pleasure and entertainment of human life. This teaching, which is innocently passed from one generation to the next serves many financial endeavors, many hidden agendas, as well as a multitude of emotional, psychological, and intellectual disconnects we believe are worthy of examination. 

The intellectual, emotional, and psychological disconnects encourage and sustain behaviors that produce various consequences that we now see rampant in our society. Obesity, heart disease, earlier onset of puberty, a growing prescription drug dependence, shortened lifespan, depression (and various other psychological disorders), lack of self discipline and sense of personal responsibility as well as a growing acceptance of abuse, violence, and killing are just a few examples of the kinds of things that this learned disregard for all other life forms can and does bring to our own.  Rarely is a suggestion made that we might all be able to live happier, healthier, longer lives free of most medications if we simply examine and amend our beliefs, our choices, and our lifestyles.

As a result of a decade of personal observation, we advocate for equal respect and consideration for all sentient beings and conservation of the earth's finite resources. We promote and encourage a plant based diet as the single best way to improve human physical/mental health and longivity, preserve our planet, and feed the masses.  

We believe the emotional and psychological disconnects necessary to support and consume a primarily flesh based diet are both mentally and physically unhealthy, unspeakably cruel to the animal victims and the human perpetrators who, in the process, inadvertently become victims themselves. These disconnects require a separation from the self. In addition, a primarily flesh based diet, because of the tremendous waste of finite resources perpetuating it, and the expected increase in a human population needing food, is  unsustainable.   We wonder if it's likely these disconnects also contribute to the growing apathy about the sanctity of life and promote an easy acceptance, even an odd kind of interest and enjoyment in cruelty, violence, and suffering of all species including our own. The increased random killing, especially involving young people, the types of television shows, movies, and Internet games that are most popular seems to lend credence to this possibility. 

If you would like to keep up with our projects and our work of caring for animals and encouraging conscious choice through education for future generations,  visit our Members page.  If you live in the area and have time to volunteer or would like to donate to our work, please visit the Get Involved and Donation pages to see how you might be able to help just doing the things you do every day.  We hope you will want to participate in our shelter, advocacy, and education organization offering your expertise, suggestions, and giving direction to our mission.  If you are interested in a position on our Board of Directors for 2016, please contact us.  We are interested in partnering with like minded people to help further the goal of a better life for all at the expense of none.