Darlynn's Darlins Inc.

"The way we treat the others is the way we will ultimately treat each other." - Darlynn

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer


It would be impossible to list here everyone who has ever made a donation or volunteered their time to benefit this organization and the animals who depend on it. We are deeply grateful to eveyone who has ever made a contribution of time, money, materials, or influence to help Darlynn's Darlins Rescue Ranch continue their work.  

That being said, there are some very special people, companies,  and organizations, who in the decade since our inception, have  supported our work and vision and have made  large and/or ongoing contributions of time, money, materials, supplies, and/or influence. These specific and timely contributions have often been instrumental in Darlynn's Darlins Rescue Ranch being able to continue rescuing, protecting, providing for, and advocating for animals. We are especially mindful of their ongoing support or very  generous contributions and would like to recognize and thank them here. 

  • Bryant Kristianson                    
  • John Chambers
  • Ben Watkins and Mary Schanz
  • Jackie & Jason Forlines             
  • John & Cid Harris
  • Charles & Vickie Talbert 
  • Tom Bird        
  • Glenn Jonsson
  • Susan Bleiberg
  • Jessie VanPelt 
  • Carol Eiswald
  • Helen Morrison
  • Ted Koran                          
  • Jeff Deyo Sr.
  • Roger Emmons                          
  • Karen Smith
  • Kathy Fose-Vaughn                    
  • Charles Baragona
  • Melissa & David Falk                 
  • Lynne Boismeir
  • Cyndi Davidson                           
  • Sue Lee Levitt
  • Beverly Kaelin                            
  • Terry DeGaw/Serenity Springs
  • Sherry Burnett                           
  • Linda Jetty
  • Steve & Sophie Erlsten               
  • Mike & Judy Garrett
  • Sioux Robbins                             
  • Janie & Bob Finck
  • Janie Ambrose                            
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Connie Massey Edwards                           
  • Lana Hollenbach
  • Bob & Barbara Baker                 
  • Susan Armstrong/Richard Magidson
  • Viscaya Prado Vet Hospital        
  • Milton McKelvie, DVM     
  • Lake Wales Vet Hospital            
  • Thomas Schotman, DVM
  • Dr. Moller's Animal Health Center
  • Jennifer Moller, DVM



  • Ironwood Pig Sanctuary
  • Lakeland Animal Nutrition            
  • The Home Depot
  • Lowe's Home Improvement        
  • Bright House Inc.
  • Walt Disney Corporation             
  • PetCo Foundation
  • Publix Supermarkets Inc.
  • Vegetarians of Central Florida    
  • Florida Voices for Animals
  • Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center


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