Before and After Before and After Sassy Sassy was paralyzed for 18 mos. We held her up to eat, we cleaned her and turned her twice a day. She lost 75% of her body mass before recovering. 91759176 Sassy Propped up between our legs to eat. 91759177 Sassy Sassy two months after recovery from 18 months of paralysis...had gained back some of the weight, and with physical therapy some of her muscle mass and could stand and walk again 91759178 Amazing Grace Found in a pen having been without food, water, shelter for at least three weeks. Used for baiting dogs. Literally nothing but skin, bones and hair. Vet said there was no way she could live. Infested with a multitude of internal and external parasites. Completely feral, ripped off ear, injured back leg, could not stand, eyes covered with pus. Owner had heart attack and died leaving pig in pen unknown to others. 91759181 Amazing Grace A couple of weeks into rehabilitation. Beginning to regain some flesh on the bones. Cannot stand. 91759180 Amazing Grace A couple of months into rehabilitation. Still could not stand. Amazing how forgiving they can be and how willing to be your friend when they know you are trying to help. 91759182 Amazing Grace Recovery continues into the fall and winter months...she is loving but still cannot stand...begin to think I will have another Sassy who was paralyzed for 18 months...Grace was not paralyzed but that back leg was badly injured... 91759175 Amazing Grace About 9 months after being found. Stood for the first time on Mother's Day. 91759179 Bunny Rescued near Easter, parasite infested, generations inbred, malnourished, nearly dead. 91759184 Bunny After recovery...about six months after rescue... 91759183