Darlynn's Darlins Inc.

"The way we treat the others is the way we will ultimately treat each other." - Darlynn

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer


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Reply DavidOccum
5:44 PM on July 1, 2017 
Hello friends! Who want to find me and to talks I moved here:
Reply sad man
3:07 PM on September 7, 2016 
I found your site after reading an Orlando Sentinel article on you losing your animals. I know you probably started out thinking you were going to help these poor animals in need, but got overwhelmed by the number of animals coming in. I have poked around the site and seen that you had a fire and well issues in the past. You probably in hindsight should have begun shrinking the operation. Probably easier said than done I suppose. I feel terrible for you, as you were only trying to help. But it seems in the end, you were no better off than the people who dropped off or lost animals to your cause. From what I had read, the animals were in poor condition. I hope the lil guys all make it out and live out the rest of their lives happily and not just sent to slaughter. My heart hurts to think of how this all turned out for you. I have also considered opening sanctuary for abused animals, but there just seems to be too many out there, and too many stories just like your own. Just know in your heart that you tried your best to keep these animals safe, but the weight of all the animals, lack of money/manpower, and the power of bad luck all came together to end the process. Hope you rebound and are able to build a smaller, better, well-staffed sanctuary in the future because your heart is truly in the right place.
Reply Helen
12:15 PM on August 10, 2016 
Daylynn and her partner are scumbags who let animals suffer in horrible conditions, deprived them of food, water and vet care. They allowed animals to suffer in their pens till they died. I hope authorities throw the book at both of them and they go to jail. Once in jail I hope they get the beatings of their lives!!! If it were up to me I would give them the death penalty. They do not deserve to live on this planet.
Reply Candace
1:15 PM on September 28, 2015 
Hi my name is candace and I have a friend that lives in luz of that has a pig he doesn't want to anymore and I have been feeding her I'm pretty much taking care of her the best I could but I feel like she is not a happy pig she's in a small containment area she eats people food mostly I try to mix it up and at least get some vegetables in her diet but I can't really control we also feed her dog food I was hoping that I could find a home for I personally don't think she gets the best care she's super sweet and I don't want someone to eat her she's at least 70 pounds I would say she was a wild pig but they captured her and kept her in a pen so I don't think she should be let out wild she's not really good with touching maybe with time she greets us when we go to feed her she wags her tail and makes cute little noises of course I'm just trying to find her a good home if that's possible thank you please let me know if there's anything you guys could help me do to find her home
Reply lyndia
9:44 PM on December 17, 2012 
very careing and loving animal lovers, she came to my house to see a pig left to die by some one who just left him there to die, she took him home to help him, and if any one out there could help them any way with money for food or just volinteer and see what they are about innocent, little animals that need food and lve..
Reply Debi Contino
10:06 AM on May 1, 2012 
At first glance you are in awe of how many animals these wonderful people take care of. They work from morning to night all for the animals. The animals love them, when they see Darlynn coming they all come over to see her. She knows all their names and she loves each and every one of them. Her and Butch do such an incredible job taking care of ALL the animals, it's amazing to see such living people still exist in this harsh world we live in. God bless you Darlynn and Butch!!!!
9:45 AM on August 29, 2011 
Reply [email protected]
9:46 PM on February 19, 2011 
how is patsy swine/
Reply Dr. Will Tuttle
11:24 AM on October 29, 2010 
Darlynn's Darlins is such a beautiful vision and reality or compassion for all life -- Thanks Darlynn for your amazing efforts! Your sanctuary is a beacon of kindness in our troubled world!