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A Very Sad Day

Posted on November 17, 2010 at 9:32 AM

Read all about it at:   http://flaglerlive.com/14476/pig-sanctuary-euthanized/comment-page-1#comment-67293


This is a sad commentary about Americana and the errosion of human consciousness on so many levels.  

  • The complete and utter disregard for  the lives of other sentient non human life forms. Government disregard for the personal rights, liberty, and property of individuals. 
  • Public acceptance of the government's complete disregard for individual rights and liberty and the seizure and destruction of living beings and personal property with little, if any, real oversight.
  • Public apathy concerning the errosion of personal freedoms as long as it's not THEIR personal freedom or directly affecting THEIR right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness never stopping to realize that eventually it WILL BE affecting their personal freedom, liberty and rights.

This sort of thing grows like a cancer and involves a process. The most effective way to gain control of a population is to instill FEAR in the population. People don't think clearly or rationally if they can be made afraid for their wellbeing. It doesn't matter if it's a fear of disease, fear of terrorism, or the fear of a lack of material things or the ability to acquire them.  People will accept any atrocity and intrusion as long as it is well disguised as some form of protection against something they have been made to perceive and accept as a threat to their own personal wellbeing. 

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