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A Day to Be Thankful

Posted on October 28, 2010 at 9:23 PM

I have a couple of important things to be thankful for tonight. 


One of them is being thankful to still be alive with an expectation that I might wake up on the right side of the grass in the morning.  It certainly could have been very different.  I was one split second from dead when I found myself suddenly upon that trash truck and traveling at 50 MPH...there it was, ten feet from my face, stopped in the street...on a curve, at dusk, no lights, no warning triangles out...on a highway where the speed limit is and traffic moves at 50 MPH.  It is a miracle. Literally.  And my last thought was "Holy Shit, this could be it!"  I do not know how I did not smash into the back of that truck...nor how I was able to swerve to the left lane in that nano second without losing control or flipping the car, without hitting the car in that lane behind me, and without catching the left rear bumper of the truck.  It was that close. I had to get off the road for some time after it was over until I stopped shaking.  Been there done that once before...back in 1972 or  so...car at a dead stop on an Interstate, on a curve...concrete wall on the left and traffic moving 65 MPH on the right....I do not know how I survived that situation either.  


The other thing to be thankful for is that Kato's 2.5 pound mass, well documented in the surgery photo album...is, in fact, benign...nothing but a huge mass of bacterial growth...go figure....removed the drain today and debrided it some...it will have to granulate in but he is well on the road to a complete recovery and has plenty to say about it too.  You go Kato!!


My gratitude and thanks to the Universe and the Powers That Be for allowing my Being in physical form to continue on for the present, so I can take care of all these animals at least a little while longer.

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