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Here We Go Again

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 12:05 AM

I sure don't seem to be able to find time to get here to keep folks informed too often. Will try to do better this year. Heck, 2014 is only 25% over already. Ought to be able to get back with news of the goings on at least once before 2015 rolls around. I hope.

I hate doing the same thing over and over. Doesn't matter what it is. We took in a little red feral pig named Honey to be one of our residents some weeks ago. She was becoming a problem at a thoroughbred training facility a little south of here. Pigs and horse are not necessarily the best match and thoroughbreds can be pretty high strung and the way pigs move tends to startle and alarm the horse. Not good for either of them. Since they actually agreed to pay for her spay AND made a nice donation, I said okay since I do love those wild pigs.

Anyway, we took her to be spayed the day after she arrived. No big deal. Also took another two potbelly pigs, Orphan Annie and Mabel at the same time. Two weeks post surgery I notice Honey has developed a small hernia. Annie and Mabel are healed, fine and happy.

So back to the vet we go for repair. Well in addition to the hernia we find an abscess forming and quite a few adhesions. So we fix it. All went well and home we came to keep her confined and quiet for a couple of three weeks so she can heal.  Oh yes, and ciprofloxacin twice a day.  Huge NASTY tasting antibiotic pill. Feral pig. Baby. Quiet. Nasty tasting pill twice a day. Sure.

All seemed to be moving along not that bad. Of course the pill was a problem since she eats her pellets one at a time. No way will we disguise that humongous pill in anything. So it's down the throat like it or not. Not an easy task with a baby wild pig, now about four months or more old and getting bigger and stronger by the minute.

The long and short of it is that we go back this Thursday because the hernia repair has failed and the protrusion is MUCH larger than before. No infection this time as far as I can tell and the area is very soft and pliable to the touch so adhesions may not be an issue either.  Hopefully.  I will try to remember to post an update to the situation in the near future.  Had this happen this way once before.  Also a feral pig.  Turned out she was allergic to the initial type of suture. Changed it and she did fine.

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