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Posted on November 18, 2011 at 4:15 PM

It comes and goes so fast around here.  Let's see now...it's been three nights since we found the raccoon wandering in circles...many calls later to wildlife and various vets it became clear that I would have to figure it out pretty much by myself.

Seems if a raccoon DARES to show itself, especially if it's obviously in need of help,  that is more than sufficient reason for it to be "humanely euthanized."  The conclusion drawn by pretty much everyone, site unseen,  is that it must have rabies or distemper and now they [wildlife rescues] are seeing parvo too.  Maybe so.  So let's just dump all of them into the same pot and stir with that wonderful pink fluid...there are plenty of raccoons anyway and they carry lots of diseases. Most are rabies carriers, I'm told, even if they don't show any signs of the disease...distemper kills more of them than humans and cars do.  Oh, yea...and they're mean...course that doesn't jive with the two I knew many years ago that brought their babies around to meet us and visit while I did laundry in my carport...they hung out in the backyard tree...it was never any issue...

My God. Raccoons get NO respect or consideration. Even less than pigs. Who knew?

Anyway...R C [ARCEE, raccoon] has had a tough go of it so far...she has gotten 1500ML LRS with Dextrose added 5% since I found her, and FINALLY she decided to eat a bit of dog food and a donut last night. Sleeps like a freakin' rock...Getting 0.2ml PenG twice a day. Is female and weighs 6.4 pounds...has vaginal discharge of some kind...is approximately 2 years old or so according to someone in a position to know. Body condition score 1.5/5, extremely thin. Heart arrhythmia likely due to dehydration, depressed, lethargic,  with sunken eyes and normal papillary light reflexes. No sign of any respiratory issues or distress.  I personally believe she is blind, papillary reflexes or not. She is in a nice secure cage far, far away from all other animals as proper protocol dictates.  Watch and wait.  And there you have it.

Will post again about how it goes...she is nowhere near out of the woods as far as me who knows nothing about raccoons can tell. The only thing I can tell is that she is NOT going to become acquainted with that pink fluid on my watch unless she shows something way different than I have seen up to now...she will get all the help I can give and hopefully, she will survive, get stronger, and be able to get back to living the rest of her life...although according to what I've been able to find out, in the wild, their lifespan is considerably shorter than it is in captivity...and about 3.5 years vs. 15+ years.

Check back for updates. Hopefully they'll be happy ones.

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Reply felisha
12:08 PM on October 4, 2014 
i raise orphan coons and they are just perfect then u simply let them be free racoons