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"The way we treat the others is the way we will ultimately treat each other." - Darlynn

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

          Take Back Your Consciousness

Cultures and societies indoctrinate their people with certain types of values, beliefs, and behaviors in the interest of controlling their populations and furthering national agendas.  In most parts of India, for example, cows are sacred beings.  In America, they are food. In Korea, and in our own state of Hawaii,  dogs are food.  In mainland America, they are pets.  In parts of Europe, horses are food. In America, they are companion animals. It appears that what one thinks, believes, and how one behaves actually comes down to nothing more than where in the world  they happen to have been born.           

We are not obligated to believe and act upon everything that is told to us. Why do we so often think that the government,  those in positions of authority, and the media know better than we are able to know for ourselves?  Each of us has the ability to think, evaluate information, and make decisions for ourselves but most of us have become a bit lazy and are woefully out of the habit. We simply believe that which we hear most often and rarely question the validity or likely agendas behind it.

Today, with the proliferation of technology and widespread access to the Internet, accurate information upon which to make life choices is readily available if we are not too busy or too lazy to seek it out.  Our lives, the lives of our children, the other life on this earth, and the ability of the earth herself to regenerate and continue to support life in any form likely depends on more of us taking an active interest in the decisions being made, who is making them,  what agendas are being served in the process, and whether or not those agendas are designed to serve our best interests on any level. If we fail to pay attention to the subtle changes happening, fail to fully participate in the process, one day we will find ourselves wondering what happened and what is going on. 

        Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

These are separate, unrelated issues and agendas, although there are those who want you to believe that even if they are not  exactly the same, they are necessary steps along the same path, designed to achieve the same goal. This is unequivocally NOT true.  It can't possibly BE true because the two concepts are in direct opposition to one another.  

Animal Rights is about equal protection, consideration, and respect for all sentient non human life forms.  The belief here is that the other creatures of this earth exist for their own reasons and have the right to live their own lives in their own ways without human interference and manipulation. Non humans do not exist to be used by humans for any purpose. This is not to say we cannot enjoy each other in a mutually respectful and considerate environment.

Animal Welfare is about improving conditions, treating non humans we intend to use for one thing or another  somewhat better in general, and providing a nicer, more natural life and more humane death for those we intend to kill, cut up, and eat, use for profit, trade or barter, or use for entertainment. It has nothing to do with the animals, it has to do with us attempting to feel better about ourselves and justify the horrors we inflict upon billions of non human beings and the injustices we do to them, while giving ourselves our blessing and continuing to do it.

If you are reading this, you have probably become more aware, given some thought, and are bothered at some level by the various situations non-humans are forced by us to endure. Perhaps you are looking for answers and resources. Maybe you seek to  align your behavior and lifestyle with your changing awareness.  Maybe you wonder if there are others that feel like you who are also deciding what personal changes will help further the agenda of non humans being allowed to live happy, fulfilling lives free from suffering and exploitation.  

To help you decide what is most helpful and relevant in your life, check the "Resources" tab on the navigation bar to the left.  Explore the various links and evaluate the information offered. See what you see and decide for yourself what you believe is true and applicable to your own life. The tools are available to gather information on both sides of the issue and thus be able to make fully informed choices. You will no longer have to be one of the sheeple who are dictated to and manipulated by government agencies, agendas, and media myth. Advocacy begins with you and is demonstrated constantly by the choices you make  in your life.  You are free to make kinder, healthier choices and encourage others to do the same.  Or not. And remember, it's not an all or nothing at all thing. It is a growth process.  It's about becoming consciously aware. It's about having information and making the best choice available as often as we can.